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Best Destinations in Turkey

The Most Interesting Destinations in Turkey

The land of Anatolia (Asia Minor) –where the Turkey is exactly located- had always been a home to greatest civilizations. Therefore Turkey is full of ancient sites. When you check the map of Turkey’s touristic attractions, you may see that it’s entirely covered with sightseeing places from East to West and from North to South.

In this article, I would like tos hare with you some of the major places to see in Turkey’s different locations. One example from each region of Turkey.

West: Ephesus Ancient City

Turkey has Ephesus Ancient City on its Westernmost borders. Located in Izmir, Ephesus Ancient City is considered as one of the most important highlight to see in Turkey.

Ephesus is literally the gem of Turkey. With its Greek and Roman heritage, Ancient Ruins receiving millions of visitors annually. Racing with the most visited museum of Istanbul, Hagia Sophia.

Ephesus Ancient City

East: Cappadocia Region

Cappadocia is very interesting place to see. I think everybody who visits Turkey, should experience the geographical marvels of Cappadocia. It’s just beautiful place that was created from volcanoes. Cappadocia is like a little model of Turkey. It’s been a junction for civilizations to live. Many of civilizations and religions are represented in Cappadocia.

The fairychimneys of Turkey attract the people’s attention. It’s like a dream-land. The underground cities are mysterious. The cave-churches are interesting to see in order to track the history of Christianity and the life of early Christians.

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Cappadocia Region

North: Trabzon City

Trabzon’s Sumela Monastery is the most important place to see there. Especially foreign visitors pay attention to this spot, due to its spiritual importance for Christian visitors. One of the most important icon of Christendom located in this very place. It’s believed that Evangelist Saint Luca made the icon of Virgin Mary himself. This icon adds a great value to the ancient monastery.

Black Sea coast of Turkey is famous for its nature and beauty. It’s definitely recommended to visit this heaven on earth. Trabzon has also a famous Hagia Sophia Church too. Since the city had been a very important center in Byzantine Empire period, it has these important Christian monuments.

Sumela Monastery Trabzon

South: Antakya or Hatay (Antioch)

Antakya is also known as Hatay in Turkey. This place had been a very important Christian city too. There had been 5 major Patriarchal cities in the World. They are known as Rome, Constantinople, Antioch, Jerusalem and Antioch. Therefore Antakya (Hatay) is considered as one of the major Patriarchal cities of the World. 

This title is given by the first ecumenical counsil of Nicea. Nicea Council had been gathered by Constantine the Great to determine the Fundamentals of Christianity. In 325, present day Iznik (Nikaea) city housed the fathers of the Church and Roman Emperor Constantine to lay foundations of Christianity.

As a result of this important council: Nicene Creed is announced. Antioch became one of the five major apostolic sees. Apostolic see of antioch comes after the Rome and Constantinople in the hierarchy.

Hatay-Antakya Former Antioch

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Best Destinations in Turkey Blog Post 2018

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