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Top 5 Museums In The World

Top 5 Museums In The World

Everybody has his-her own opinion about the art. If we would ask the people prepare us some lists about the World Museums, everybody's list would be different. 

I would like to share with you my list of Best Museums in the World. There are ten museums that I picked, each and every one of them are very famous and special. Let's discover the secrets of these museums together with nice photos.

Louvre Museum - Paris

Louvre Museum is without any doubt the most popular and famous museum in the World. Located in the heart of Paris, receiving nearly 10 million people in a year. When you say "Museum" majority of art-lovers would straight away tell you about Louvre.

Paris Louvre Museum

Metropolitan Museum Of Art - New York

Located in the hear of New York City of United States, The Met is a great museum to visit. As far as I know it's the most popular museum in not only in NYC, but in America too. The museum is in top ten list of the World as well. Considered as one of the largest art gallery in the World.

Metropolitan Museum

British Museum - London

A massive collection related to human history from ancient ages to present day. Unbelievably big museum to get around. It's not possible to finish it in a single day. You should go back-forth several times to see everything. Literally you can not see "Everything" ever.

British Musuem

Vatican Museum - Vatican City

Vatican Museum is one of the richest museum in the World, thanks to the Popes. They had enriched the collection of the museum in centuries. Now it's a huge museum to see many things. Located next to the grand St. Peter's Basilica. It's impressive to see the Vatican and its highlights.

Vatican Museum 

Hermitage Museum - Saint Petersburg

Hermitage is within the Saint Petersburg city of Russia. Considered as the second largest art gallery in the World after the Louvre Museum of France. It's covering a huge area and containing the treasures and collections of Tsars of Russian Empire. Very rich collection indeed.

Hermitage Museum

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