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Hagia Sophia Tours Guided By Locals

Hagia Sophia Private Tours Guided By Locals

Hagia Sophia is the most important tourist sight in Istanbul city. Millions of people come to Istanbul every year and majority of them visit the Istanbul in order to see the impressive architecture of Hagia Sophia as well as to see its magical atmosphere.

Initial Information About Hagia Sophia Tours

If you are interested booking a tour guide for your Hagia Sophia visit, you might want to check out Hagia Sophia Tour Guide article in order to find a reliable and knowledgeable tour guide for your Hagia Sophia Visit.

Hagia Sophia Museum

Why I Should Visit Hagia Sophia?

To visit the famous Hagia Sophia by yourself actually would not be the best experience. I recommend you to hire a tour guide while visiting the Hagia Sophia, not only to see the Hagia Sophia’s relics with your eyes but to listen its legendary feautes, history and tales.

Who Built The Hagia Sophia?

Hagia Sophia was built by the famous Emperor Justinian I. Throughout the history of longest-lasting Empire of the World, the Justinian I was the most important caesar. He built the Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern and Hagia Eirene Church in Istanbul and The Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy. He was the patron of art and architecture as well as the commander of great armies to rebuild the mighty Roman Empire.

Emperor Justinian I of Byzantine Empire

Who Was Emperor Justinian I?

Justinian was actually the Emperor of Eastern Roman Empire which literally the eastern half of the Roman Empire. The Western Roman Empire was already collapsed when he was born. He wanted to take revenge of the old Western Roman Empire and take back the holy city of Rome from the Barbarian invaders.

What Is Justinian Famous For?

Justinian had great commanders named Belisarius, Narses and Mundus so that he was able to carry out several wars in different territories. The army was powerful, it had great generals and as a result he made great conquests.

Consequences Of The Conquests Of Justinian

He spend enormous amount of Money to retake Rome and extend the borders of Byzantine Empire. That caused Byzantine Empire to get shrank very quickly following the Justinian’s death.

The Hagia Sophia remained as the glory of his emperorship. Just like he planned.

Tips About Visiting The Hagia Sophia

To visit the Hagia Sophia you need to buy a ticket which is cost around 40 Turkish Lira. Latest update is 2017 about this ticket price. You have also other options like buying an Istanbul Museum Pass or hiring a private tour guide.

Seraphim Angels of Hagia Sophia

Seraphim Angels

I would recommend you to join one of the Hagia Sophia Private Guided Tours to enjoy the details of Hagia Sophia’s mystic atmosphere and listen to the surprising legends related to the Hagia Sophia’s history. You can imagine the spiritual Hagia Sophia was the center of Byzantine Empire and the Constantinople’s folk adored and worshipped it. They though it was the house of God, protected by the archangels.

Those Archangels (Seraphim Angels) can be still seen on the walls of Hagia Sophia. Scattered around the central dome, on the corners (pendants).

Justinian and Theodora

The architects of Hagia Sophia built the building pretty fast in order to satisfy the emperor Justinian. Justinian and his wife Theodora is reported to pay a lot of attention to the construction process of Hagia Sophia. They even added the initials of their names on the top of the columns.

Empress Theodora

The column capitals contains the letters T and J in Greek lenguage. Your experienced tou guide can tell you all about this mind blowing details of Hagia Sophia.

Turkey’s second most visited destination is known as the ancient Ephesus city. The Ephesus is known for the Temple Of Artemis.  Some historians claims that the eight large columns which is located in the center (naos) of Hagia Sophia is brought from the Ephesus city, since the architects did not have enough time to produce new columns for Hagia Sophia. 

They simply picked the columns that is fitting to Hagia Sophia. In other words: recycled the columns.

Guided Hagia Sophia Tours in Istanbul

Written By Serhat Engul
Official Tour Guide based in Istanbul

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