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Istanbul To Cappadocia And Ephesus

Day Trips From Istanbul To Cappadocia And Ephesus

Istanbul is a marvelous city with its natural beauty. Istanbul is one of the most unique city of the World thanks to the Bosphorus Strait. Bosphorus cruise tour is just full of fun. However, it takes usually three or four days to visit Istanbul to see the highlights of the city. If you have one week in Turkey, you might want to see some other places out of Istanbul.

Day trips from Istanbul To Greco-Roman Sites

Day Trips From Istanbul

Most popular places to see which are also easily accessible by a plane, could be Cappadocia and Ephesus. These two important ancient cities of Turkey definitely recommended to be visited.

Cappadocia Day Trips From Istanbul

Cappadocia is a splendid beauty of nature with all those fairy chimneys. Made out of volcanic rocks. Moreover hot air balloon rides can be considered as the most enjoyable activity all around the Turkey. It is certainly a must-do thing to fly with one of those balloons and take great pictures of the extraordinarily beautiful environment.
Cappadocia is also special when it’s come to the acommodation as well. Imagine being in one of the cave hotels. Caves are just great to stay. Wandering around the Urgup and Goreme local neighborhoods and underground cities provide you a memorable vacation of inland Turkey.

There is a brand new blog that publishes great articles about Cappadocia. Check Cappadocia Private Guide blog page to gain information about Cappadocia's history, accomdation and things to do. For instance best hotels to stay in Cappadocia article is great.

Cappadocia Day Trips

Strolling through the local Street markets of Cappadocia region and stopping over one of the clay pot shops and try to achieve some pottery just unique.

Ephesus Day Trips From Istanbul

Ephesus can be considered as the most important ancient city of the Middle East. The ancient remnants are perfectly preserved in this place and it’s a great open air museum. Visiting this place can be matchless experience for a history geek. Because strolling through the ancient roads of Ephesus makes you feel like you were living in the Roman Empire period. The Ephesus had been a house to Greek and Roman civilizations so this place is an important part of the history of the Western society.
Ephesus antique city is mostly visited by the Cruise line passengers. Since there are cruise ports near by the ancient Ephesus, shore excursions are organized to the Ephesus city very oftenly.

Izmir Kusadasi port is the popular pier of the Mediterranean cruise ships, so the large parties leave the Kusadasi Cruise Terminal to visit the Ephesus Daily. Kusadasi Cruise port is also known as Ephesus port by many people.

Ephesus Day Trips

Ephesus Ancient City

Pamukkale, Troy and Gallipoli could be some other places to go when considering a day trip from Istanbul. Pamukkale means cotton castle in Turkish and it is famous for White travertines as well as the Hierapolis antique city. Besides Troy is a World famous place too. Everybody knows about the famous lover story of Helen and Paris. The battle that broke out and fight of Achilleus and Hector. These all happened in Turkey’s Troy.

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