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How To Visit The Blue Mosque

How To Visit The Blue Mosque

Istanbul classical city tours generally aim four major pillars of Historic Istanbul: Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and finally Grand Bazaar.
The most difficult one to get in is Blue Mosque among these sights. Licensed tour guides have a priority so they can swiftly reach out to a special ticket office and then purchase the tickets of their clients. Howeve,  they are not able to do this in Blue Mosque since it’s not a museum that is visited by a ticket.

Blue Mosque Of Istanbul

Blue Mosque Entrance Is Free!

Blue mosque is a mosque so that entrance is free! Everybody is equal in a mosque and everyone has to wait in long line. Questions come right away! What to do about it? Which one is the fastest way to get in to Blue Mosque?

You may find some practical answers to your questions in this short blog post. Here is a safe and quick way to get into the Istanbul's Blue Mosque complex.

So How To Get In Quickly?

Frankly speaking there is no way easy way to skip the queue in the Blue Mosque. The most valuable tip is: just come earlier than Cruise Line groups. Cruise groups and regular city tours come to Sultanahmet Area (Historical Istanbul) at about 09:00 and they first have a few words about Hippodrome Area then they come to the Blue Mosque Line. You have to come before them. Otherwise you wait for one hour to get in!

Blue Mosque Visiting Hours

Blue Mosque visiting hours starting at 08:30 in the morning (All the time). Daily visiting timetable is determined by the praying times. Since the praying times changes everyday according to the lenght of the day. Visit hours changes as well. You better be at the Blue Mosque before 09:00 or at last before 09:20 otherwise you will have to wait.

Blue Mosque Visiting Hours

Dress Code for the Blue Mosque

Dress code in Blue Mosque very strict. Women have to wear a scarf, men can not get inside with shorts. However I do not recommend you to wear according to dress code! Because you probably will visit many other places like Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace etc. It is very important to be comfortable during the day.

Blue Mosque visit mostly takes 30 minutes or less. You will look around, take some photos and leave because it is not as comlicated as other sights in the old city. So do not wear especially visiting Blue Mosque. Just wear casual, comfortable things. You can borrow a scarf to cover your shoulders. Men can wrap up a scarf around waist so there is no problem with the shorts at all.

Courtyard Of The Blue Mosque

Some History Information About The Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque is built in 7 years only. From 1609 - 1616. Around 6000 people engaged in the construction process. It is famous for Blue İznik Tiles. It is the interior decoration makes it Blue Mosque otherwise it is all gray from outside though. Built by Sultan Ahmed I of Ottoman Empire.

The Magnificent Dome Of Blue Mosque

Other Beatiful Mosques In Istanbul To Visit

* Suleymaniye Mosque Built By Mimar Sinan, Commissioned by Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent.

Incredible Suleymaniye Mosque Of Istanbul

* Şehzade Mosque Built By Mimar Sinan, Commissioned by Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent

* Rüstem Pasha Mosque Built By Mimar Sinan Commissioned by Rüstem Pasha (Grand Vizier of Sultan Suleiman)

* Mihrimah Sultan Mosque Built By Mimar Sinan Commissioned by Mihrimah Sultan (Daughter of Sultan Suleiman)

* Küçük (Little) Ayasofya Mosque Built by Byzantine Architects Commissioned by Empress Theodora (Wife Of Emperor Justinian The Great)

* Sokullu Mehmed Pasha Mosque Built By Mimar Sinan Commissioned by Sokullu Mehmed Pasha (Grand Vizier of Sultan Suleiman)

* Fatih Mosque Mosque Built By Sinaüddin Yusuf bin Abdullah Commissioned by Fatih Sultan Mehmed OR Sultan Mehmed The Conqueror. (The Sultan who conquered Constantinople)

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