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Map Of Ottoman Empire

Map Of Ottoman Empire

Historic maps are extremely useful when it comes to figure out the history of old empires. The Ottoman Empire founded in 1299 and lasted until 1922. The borders of the Empire changed each and every decade so you need a very colorful map to describe its expansion or shrinkage.

Most Useful Map For Better Understanding

Actually it's almost impossible to describe the Ottoman Empire's situation in one map, from its rise until the fall. Perhaps you should check from search engines as the "Rise of the Ottoman Empire" first and have a look at its height. Afterwards check "Fall of the Ottoman Empire" and observe the fall of the Empire from 1699 to 1922.

Map Of Ottoman Empire

Rise Of The Ottoman Empire

Rise of the empire was an interesting period. Ottoman Empire was established as a little city-state, it grew into an empire in nearly 150 years. So the Osman (Uthman or Othman) was the Turkish name of the founder and he was nothing more than a chieftain. He must have been a very wise and clever man. Thus he was able to create a well-eastablished princedom during his lifetime.

Osman is followed by Orhan and he was an able Sultan as well. He kept expanded the borders. The successors, Murad I, Bayezid I, Mehmed I, Murat II also successful rulers.

We should open a new page for Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror though. He was the one who converted the princedom into an Empire. A very well-educated and knowledgeable person with a very unique of a kind personality. He acted like a Renaissance Maecenas.

Mehmed The Conqueror

Mehmed The Conqueror was of course the most notable Sultan of initial years of the Ottoman Empire. He is famous for Conquest of Constantinople which is known in the western world as Fall of Constantinople.

Suleiman the Magnificent of course most notable Sultan of all times in the Ottoman Empire. He dreamed of creating the superpower state that his grandfather had dreamed of. (Mehmed The Conqueror) And he succeeded in many ways.

The Ottoman Empire Map above describes the Rise of the empire perfectly. You may see the rising period from the very beginning to the end which is 1699.

Fall Of The Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire could not keep up with new explorations, Renaissance movements and reforms. Thus while Europe was going ahead, Ottoman Empire standed still and worse than that it got backwards. The new inventions of Europe, caused the European armies to have better weapons, so Ottoman Empire fell behing the modern world while it was so busy with the internal turbulences and unstabilities.

Some of the last Sultans tried really hard to make some series of reforms but these acts could not save the staggering Empire from decline.

Finally the World War I became the end of the game. The 600 years old Empire buried the ground. The new Turkish Republic is established from the ashes of the long-lasting Ottoman Empire.

I strongly recommend you to check this very useful article which is published on my favorite blog Ottoman Empire Map And Facts you might find this brilliant article very useful to have a better understanding of Ottoman Empire history.

By Serhat Engül

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