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Great Love Stories Of The History

Great Love Stories Of History

Some great rulers had been great lovers and husbands in the history. There are attractive stories of some Kings, Emperors, Sultans, I will try to give some examples of these great stories.

Justinian And Theodora Love Story

Justinian & Theodora

This one is from the 6th century. Justinian was known as the greatest ruler of Byzantine Empire. He fell in love with Theodora.

Theodora is believed to had been a circus dancer and it was not so common for an emperor to marry a dancer those days. Justinian had to resist against his mother’s strong opposition in order to marry with Theodora.

Theodora, however, proved that Justinian had made a great choice. She became the strongest first lady of Byzantine history. Throughout the 1000 years of history, she is known as the most powerful empress.

Love Stories Of History Suleiman & Roxelana

Sultan Suleiman & Roxelana

Suleiman I of Ottoman Empire was the strongest ruler of Turkish history. He lived in 16th century and ruled the Empire for 46 years.

He fell in love with a Russian originated slave girl. Roxelana had been taken prisoner by the pirates. She was sold to the Ottoman palace. She was a beautiful girl, and more than that a strong character.

She had been a concubine in the Harem of Topkapı Palace. Eventually she managed to attract the attention of the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. The strongest ruler of the 16th century. Sultan fell in love with her. Gave her the name of “Hurrem” which means “Joy”.

Ottoman Sultans rarely married a women, but Sultan Suleiman did marry with her. It was a fairytale of that century.

You may find a detailed article about the love of Suleiman And Roxelana from the linked article.

Magnificent Century Tv Series

This famous couple now the main subjects of Tv Series called Magnificent Century. This TV show first broadcasted in Turkey and became a phenomenon in the Middle Eastern, Eastern European and Latin American countries. I strongly recommend you to have a look at it from youtube. You may easily find English subtitle versions.

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