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Istanbul Public Transportation System

Istanbul Public Transportation System

Istanbul public transportation system provides good journey around the touristic places. You can easily reach to the places of interest by metro, tram, funicular or ferry.

It is not possible to say that Istanbul's metro and tram system is covering entire city. Since Istanbul metropol is expanded too much to its fringes, it's getting more difficult to commute within the city. This is a metropol with the population of nearly twenty million!

Streets Of Istanbul

So busses always had been the most popular vehicle in the city. Because it can go anywhere unlike metro system. Metro needs big investments but the busses not. So Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality buying more and more busses to keep up with the needs of city people. They also build some new metro lines to very accurately chosen areas.

Istanbul's public transportation system will be developed much more in the following years, when the project are all finished. So it's important to follow updated magazines or blogs for foreign visitors of Istanbul.

The touristic area of the city, however, a very small pard is modern day Istanbul. So you will find it very easy to use the metro and tram of Istanbul.

Istanbul's Nostalgic Tram In Istiklal Avenue

Istanbul Metro

Istanbul's metro system has two major lines. Metro M1 takes you around from the Istanbul Ataturk Airport to city center. Metro M2, however, rides through the city center. To reach business district or modern shopping areas, you may use the M2 in Istanbul.

Istanbul metro system is efficient and stations are definitely safe and considerably clean. However the metro web not yet covering all zones of Istanbul city. People can benefit only if they are living in the city center or around. Metro has not yet reached to the outskirts but many new metro constructions are being done.

Istanbul's romantic and historical ferries

Istanbul Ferry

Nostalgic ferries commute between two continents, Asia and Europe. People love to take a ferry ride and feed the seagulls that fly over the public ferry. You may order a tea or coffee and finish it while passing through Bosphorus and then you come to the other side. Perfect way of relaxing after a workday. Now we have Marmaray which is much faster. People, if they are in hurry, using that underground public metro, passing underneath the Bosphorus.

Bosphorus is a great place to take ferry ride

Ferry is more than just public vehicle for the people of Istanbul. The above picture shows a nostalgic ferry and these ferries have always been on the Bosphorus from the time of our childhood and furthermore from our fathers' childhood as well. So everybody has nice memories with these cozy boats. There have always been unique of a kind hawkers in the ferries who tries to sell some cheap but practical devices. It could be a pen, lemon screwer or some kind of other device you actually do not need, but you would buy it anyway, because you would know that he has to make money for his children. Also simpe Turkish food like simit alwayd has been sold in Vapur (Ferry In Turkish)

Istanbul's tram that commute between old city and new town

Istanbul Tram

Istanbul tram is just perfect vehicle to get around the old city and new distircts. Foreign visitors mostly use the tram to get from Sultanahmet to Taksim Square and take a walk around the Istiklal Avenue in the direction of the Galata Tower.

Istanbul Marmaray

Marmaray takes place in people's life for the recent years. It's a perfect vehicle to commute between the Asia and Europe. People used to take a ride with ferries between two sides all the time before Marmaray exists.

Marmaray is of course faster and more practical vehicle. However, people usually do not take faster journey but prefer the other one: ferry. If you are not in hurry, ferry ride is of course incomparable. To breath the fresh air of Istanbul's Bosphorus, to feel the wind on your face, to feed the seagulls which flies over and around the ferry. And more than any of these, travelling with your spouse. It's so much more romantic than of any other vehicle. So realized I am talking about ferry ride again in another topic. I should be praising the Marmaray's features. Wrong place... :)

Cozy neighborhood Karaköy In The New Town

Istanbul Public Transportation Map

It's better to download a full resolution metro map of Istanbul and check carefully how to use it. You may prepare a sightseeing schedule for yourself and follow that schedule on the Istanbul Public Transportation Map.

The above link redirects your browser to a high resolution (4583 × 3221)  visual of Istanbul Metro Map. My advice on the issue: You may just print the map out and carry it with you during your Istanbul visit. Sometimes it's not very easy to estimate when to change the vehicle in order to go point of interest.

Going from Old City Sultanahmet To The Modern Istanbul Taksim

For example, to get from Sultanahmet to Taksim, you have to reach to terminal tram stop in the Beyoğlu area Kabataş. Then from the Kabataş you gotta catch the funicular to climb up to Taksim square.

The above link also provides another map, apart from the Istanbul Metro Map, that shows the directions from Sultanahmet to Taksim Square with details.

Have a great holiday!

Serhat Engül

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