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Istanbul Online Tour With Photos

Istanbul Tour With Attracting Photos

Istanbul is an attractive city with a lot of attractions. This year (2016) due to last unfortunate incidents, the city is not receiving tourist as before. However the city was at the pick of its success for the 2014 and 2015.

For instance we can have a look at Trip Advisor Top Destinations In The World List

Istanbul comes at 2nd place when you check this list which is voted just 1 and a half years ago. So after seeing this, a person who works in Istanbul tourism industry will be naturally upset.

Eating street food at Hagia Sophia Square

Anyway, the people of Istanbul lives their normal life. Unfortunately because of media in the western countries, people are scared to come Istanbul or Turkey. The Americans probably even scared of France and Belgium. Perhaps the rest of the Europe too. Because I heard that US Department of State claims that Europe is not safe. As if United States Of America is entirely safe. 

If some people are reading this, I assure them it's really safe; furthermore it's available as ever before. No queue at the museums, accommodation is cheap and everything is much more suitable than before, the reason is that there's no people to sell rooms, merchandise etc. They will almost give it free. :))

I'd like to give you a free tour of Istanbul through Istanbul photos. If you like this, just come to istanbul immediately. Just come and help to save our tourism industry mates. :)

Bosphorus Cruise Tours

Bosphorus Ferry Tour is the best fun activity in Istanbul to do. Great scenes of all historic waterfront houses lined by the Bosphorus Shores. The city is 2600 years old. It's been thorugh all Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman times. You would not believe its diversity.

Visiting Istanbul Mosques

They are all great. Blue Mosque is the most famous one but actually there is even a better one to visit: Süleymaniye Mosque of Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent Make sure that you do not miss it out! 

Blue Mosque Of Istanbul

Blue Mosque is of course beautiful. It's famous for the Blue Iznik tiles inside. You may check from the google as "Iznik Tiles Clues" so you can find a great article on the Istanbul Clues website, related to these traditional art.

Hagia Sophia Of Istanbul

Hagia Sophia is, without any doubt, greatest historic sight ever. I personally fell in love with it, when I was a student. I visit almost 10 times a week. It you forget the fact that it's my job. :)

Topkapı Palace Of Istanbul

Topkapı Palace had been a house to 25 Ottoman Sultans in the history. From 1480s to 1850s. Sultan Abdulmecid Of Ottoman Empire decided to move to the Bosphorus, and built famous Dolmabahçe Palace. Well I can not blame him. Bosphorus houses of today, most expensive houses in this part of the world. So naturally Sultan wanted to live by the great view of this Strait.

I just wanna tell you that you are missing out these great things. No queue, cheap room, hire a tour guide does not cost a dime. (well it's not true frankly speaking, but for a fare price)

Tour Guide In Istanbul

If you ever need a private tour guide in Istanbul. You can contact me to have a private tour. To have a guide in Istanbul, provides you some advantages. You'd have priority in the museums and of course it saves a lot of time. Besides a guide can help you bargain in Grand Bazaar. So you would know what is the real cost of a merchandise. Grand Bazaar obviously has a oriental and traditional kind of shopping area, so you better be accompanied by an insider when purchasing things.

Hope you have a great time in this magnificent city.

Photos by Serhat Engül

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