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History Of Battles In The World

I am a fun of historic battles. I have been reading war history books or watching every single movie that related to wars.

The Websites About War Movies And Batlle Stories

I discovered two website about these great topics. Their posts promising for the future good quality content.

Movies Of War

Movies Of War Website

If the tactics accurately told in the movie, then it's a great pleasure to watch that movie, for instance Saving Private Ryan, Platoon, Black Hawk Down, Fury, Thin Red Line, Tears Of The Sun, Rwanda Hotel, and many others. These are great movies about World War II or Vietnam War or recent wars in Iraq or African countries.

A new website stand out with its first nice post Movies About War History
So this is a nice article with content, director stars of the movie given together alongside with a capture from the movie. You may take it as a good must-see movie list about war films.

Historic Facts Blog Site

Stories Of War

I have discovers a website about wars that promises future. It's named as Historic Facts and it's first blog post is about antique battles, medieval battles and battles of the Modern Age. So the subjects Battle Of Marahton, Battle Of Pharsalus, Battle of Manzikert and Battle Of Austerlitz. Seems yummy, so you may find it through incredible battles of the history link.

My Favorite Battles In The History

There are antique age battles, medieval battles and modern age battles mixed up together in my list.

Greco Persian Wars

Battle Of Marathon

Battle of Marathon is an antique war between the Persians and Greeks. This war changed the destiny of western world. The Greek city-states were almost invaded by Persian king Xerxes.

Battle Of Pharsalus

This battle changed the fate of Roman Empire. The Gaius Julius Caesar gained full control of Rome and became so-called tyrant and adopted the Octavian as his son. The rest of it one of the most famous story of the world history. Caesar got killed by his fellow senators in the senate of Rome.

Hannibal Victorious Over Rome

Battle of Cannae

Hannibal against Roman generals. As everybody knows Hannibal was from Carthage. He was a great strategist and more than that a genious tactician. He defeated Romans many times on the battlefield and he lost the battle only after he has no food and supply to carry on. Romans were clever and patient. They realized that they can not beat Hannibal on the battlefield while he still has 
strength so they starve him to die in open fields then beat him. They nearly lost the Rome to him.

Poor French Soldiers On The Way Back

French Invasion Of Russia

Napoleon was one of the greatest tactician world has ever seen but he attacked to Russia and faced the hunger and cold. I still can not figure out why he did this but the lost of men was inadmissible. He created the largest army world had ever seen until 19th century and ruined it after his passions. Pure madness. The Russians burned the Moscow and the fields. A large army needed to be fed well, however they found no food. They caught by the famous winter of Siberia. Attacked by cossacks on the way home when retreating. A Total disaster.

German Panzers On The Way To Moscow
Operation Barbarossa

Adolf Hitler did the same mistake as Napoleon did nearly a century before. He attacked to Russia, when he was at the peak of his power. He also faced the terrible winter and hunger. His soldiers perished in Stalingrad. It was the breaking point of WWII. Hitler had razed European forces up until Operation Barbarossa but he lost everything after this. The balance of power change in the favor of allies. And D-Day landing to Normandy came soon afterwards. Beginning of the end.

By Serhat Engül

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