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Where To Stay And What to Do in Istanbul

Hotels In Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the largest city in the Europe and Middle East with the population of nearly 15 million inhabitans. It's a very dynamic city with its industry, commerce, tourism and all kind of business that you can imagine. This city is simply the heart of the Turkey.

Chain Hotels

For the last couple of years, with growing speed, many hotels are opened. Famous brands like Kempinsky, Swiss, Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, Raffles, Four Seasons, Hyatt, Marriot are just like racing each other to open another hotel under their brand.

There used to be one Four Seasons at Sultanahmet and now there are two. Second one is opened in Bosphorus. Same thing is for Hilton, they recently opened another hotel in the Asia Side (Kozyatağı). Marriot had one in Kozyatağı and opened another one in Şişli (European Side)

Four Seasons Hotel In Istanbul

So Where To Stay In Istanbul?!

So it's not that easy to decide where to stay in Istanbul before you have an idea about Istanbul hotels or whether you should stay in Sultanahmet or Taksim, you can read the useful article in the link above.


Simply saying: If you want to be near to the main touristic attractions like Grand Bazaar, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapı Palace; you should consider staying in the Old part of Istanbul which is widely known as the Sultanahmet Area.


If you are looking for going out and feel the energy of the city, if you want crowds walking around you; you should consider staying in Taksim Area.

Beware of Noise

For a good accommodation in Istanbul, there one fact, you should be careful about hotel's location. Sometimes the area is bustling with people and cars, and the noise is almost unbearable. Just be careful about the hotel's street, it should not be a boulevard or a avenue or any busy street of that kind.

If you are a new generation customer, probably you will be using the internet very often. So consider checking the hotel locations through google map, and try to find some REAL reviews through trip advisor or booking.com

I meant by saying REAL comments, it should be genuine. There are a lot of fake comments in Istanbul Trip Advisor pages so you should be careful about it though.

Istanbul City view

Good Hotel and Experienced Tour Guide

If your hotel is good and if you would have a good tour guide in Istanbul then you already guaranteed a great holiday. Actually it's really needed to have somebody beside you when shopping. It's not easy to deal with shopkeepers in Istanbul because they have so many tricks to entice you.

A good hotel and private tour guide must have things in Istanbul to save your time and money. This is one of the largest city in the world do not forget about that!

While I was browsing through the internet, I came across to this nice article about what you need to know in the city. These articles that I gave the links of so far, can help you planning a nie and safe Istanbul trip. Leave it to the experts and make yourself comfortable.

Bosphorus Tours

Fun Things To Do In Istanbul

Bosphorus Cruise Tours come number one thing when you want to do something to have fun and enjoy. So be sure that you get the best tour. You can also have a look trip advisor bosphorus advices to make sure about what to do in Bosphorus and what to see there. 

It's important to decide whether should you take the government ferry (Istanbul Şehir Hatları) or the private one. (Turyol Bosphorus Tours)

Hope you have a great time in my hometown. Enjoy your time in Istanbul


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