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Hagia Sophia An Architectural Revolution

Hagia Sophia An Architectural Revolution

The construction of this incredible church had begun to in 532 and surprisingly completed in 537. 5 years only! It was commissioned by the Byzantine Caesar Justinian to brilliant architects of 6th the century. Reportedly 11.000 thousand people engaged in the construction process.

Their names were Anthemios and Isidoros. These two clever architects not only built the largest structure of humanity until then but also charmed the people of Constantinople as well. The excitement and curiosity created by Hagia Sophia went on for centuries after its construction. The temple served as the largest and tallest religious building of Byzantine Empire for a thousand years.

Once Greatest Temple Of The World

Hagia Sophia Was Built On The Top Of Megale Ecclesia

Due to the destruction of the previous church by a riot in the same place, Hagia Sophia had been built. Named as Nika, this violent riot took place during the reign of powerful emperor Justinian. During this riot, the city was entirely damaged by over 30.000 rebels and Megale Ekklesia Chuch, which was placed there before Hagia Sophia, was taken down. The ancient columns and altars still at the garden dating back to this ancient era. Belisarius, who was summoned by Justinian to finist the riot, suppressed the rioters by killing around 30000 people.

Afterwards, Justinian intended a new church of the city and Hagia Sophia (The Church Of Holy Wisdom) the largest temple with tallest dome world ever seen, was built.

Hagia Sophia Interior

Greatest Temple In The Christendom

Hagia Sophia was the largest cathedral in Christendom for a 1000 years. Justinian’s beloved church remained as the largest temple of the world till St. Peter’s Basilica was made in Rome in 17th century. It was a legendary building during the medieval age. Hagia Sophia’s massive dome (55 meters high) was a bold engineering feat in the 6th century and Anthemios and Isidoro (architects) still admire Hagia Sophia architecture which represents creations & innovations.

Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II (Conqueror) converted the church into a mosque soon after the seizure of the Constantinople in 1453. Classical Ottoman Mosques also built afterwards that was inspired by the architectural creations of Hagia Sophia.

Marvelous Interior Design Of Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia opening hours during the high season are as follows:

15 April to 30 September: 09:00 am to 19:00; the last entrance at 18:00

Hagia Sophia visiting hours during the low season are as follows:

1 October to 14 April: 09:00 a.m. to 17:00; the last entrance at 16:00

The museum is closed on the first day of the Ramadan Feast (Ramazan), and several days of Sacrifice Feast (Kurban)

Ticket price 40 Turkish Lira; children under the age of 12 can get there for free. (Please note that the passport is needed for free ticket)

Hagia Sophia From The Park

A coffee break after Hagia Sophia Tour

Hope you would have a great time in the Hagia Sophia which is the common inheritance of the people of the world.

By Istanbul Tour Guide Serhat

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