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Topkapi Palace

Topkapı Palace

Topkapı Palace Museum in Istanbul

As a tour guide, i can easily say that Topkapi Palace Museum courtyards are most peaceful places in Istanbul. You need to spend at least 3 hours to visit this incredible palace. The old palace served to 25 Sultans for 400 years. Topkapi Palace is completely different from European Palaces. This place is like a fortified city!

Palace is built by Mehmet the Conqueror in 1478. The Palace is located over the ruins of ancient Greek acropolis of the city: Byzantium

1st Courtyard

Once you get to the palace from the 1st gate (Bab-ı Humayun) you will see a huge garden and Hagia Eirene Church. You can purchase your tickets from the end of the 1st courtyard. Istanbul Archaeology Museums and Imperial Mint (Used as exhibition center today) is also reachable from 1st courtyard.

2nd Courtyard

This is my favorite place. There is the Imperial Council, Palace Kitchens, Arms Collection and Entrance of the Harem is also in this courtyard. There is a small cafe in this courtyard that you can have coffee or tea. It is fun to watch people walking around, talking about history, tourist groups while sipping your coffee.

Imperial Council of Topkapı Palace

3rd Courtyard

III. Courtyard is very busy area. There is Sultan's audience hall right at the entrance of the courtyard. There is jewellery section and holy relics section. These two sections are always busy. Unfortunately many people are not able to see Treasury room number: Four because there is the longest queue for that room. Mostly people give up when they see the line and they are actually right to do that. It takes at least half an hour to get inside if you are lucky.

The reason jewellery room is this much important is the Diamond and Dagger.

Famous Topkapı Dagger

Known as Topkapi Dagger. There was a Topkapi movie about this diamond in Hollywood. Called as "Topkapi" filmed at 1964,  Peter Ustinov was the actor.
Spoonmaker's Diamond (Kaşıkçı Elması)

4th Courtyard

You can see the most beautiful view of the Bosphorus from the last courtyard. It is one of the most beautiful view of the city. There is also view of the Golden Horn from the other side of the courtyard. IVth courtyard is designed as summer palace. There are lots of pavillions, kiosks in the same courtyard.
4th Courtyard in the Topkapı Palace

Private Guide Options

In order to get maximum pleasure out of your Topkapi Palace visit. You better have a private tour guide with you. A knowledgeable guide can tell you lots of things about this incredible building. A good guide can bring the palace life alive for you by telling you the legends and stories.

Best regards,
Serhat Engül

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