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Bosphorus Cruise Tours in Istanbul

Bosphorus Cruise Tours In Istanbul

Bosphorus Cruise Tours

Bosphorus Cruise Tour is a very entertaining activity. You can hop on one of the boats and enjoy the view of palaces, houses, mosques, citadels all over the Bosphorus. I strongly recommend you to do it yourself! What I mean is: you do not have to pay lots of money to tour companies. There is a very cheap way to do it! If you catch one of the Turyol Bosphorus Boats, it will cost you only 12 Turkish Lira

I also recommend not to buy any audio guide. Those stupid boxes are really annoying. You miss the beauty of the houses while trying to push some numbers to listen to recorded mechanical voice. I saw many people have it and struggling with it. Finally leave it to aside and enjoy taking photos. Enjoy the nice breeze of the Bosphorus touching their face... Just feel it!

Rumeli Hisarı (Rumeli Fortress)

Bosphorus Tour Options

There are lots of stories to tell in Bosphorus, there are tens of legends created by the people lived in old Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul. It's best to have a tailor made private tour in Istanbul. Having your tour guide with you everystep so that you would be able to listen all those stories.

There are two popular companies to make Bosphorus Tours. Official Şehir Hatları Ferry (Istanbul Ferry Lines) or Turyol Bosphorus Tours

Most expensive house in the Bosphorus

Beautiful Ottoman Houses (Yalı)

I want to give you some information about all those beautiful houses located by the Bosphorus. There is a specific word to identify them: YALI. They are privately owned. Obviously super rich people of the city lives in those houses. Because cheapest one is around 20 million US Dollars. Yes it's true!  The most expensive one is 150 million dollars. It is hard to believe but it is listed in forbes magazine as one of the most expensive house of the world. Şehzade Burhaneddin Efendi Yalısı (Prince Burhaneddin) is sold to a qatari sheikh for 150 million dollars recently.

Beautiful view of Bosphorus villages.

If you like travel photos, Bosphorus Tours might be very useful for you. I took this shot during one of those long bosphorus tours. Segull is one of the symbols of the city by the way.

Bosphorus Tour is a good relief after walking all day long in Historic Istanbul.

Best regards,
Serhat Engül

Photos: Nikon D90 - 18-105mm VR 

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  1. I really loved the tour guide i was enjoying months ago, it was a excellent opportunity to see a lot of amazing views